How it works

Anyone seeking shelter from the storm of the crypto market and needs help steadying their nerves, let them send coins to the saint hodl contract. A locker will be created for their account and forbid withdrawal until many blocks have come and gone.

More on the Contract

The Contract

Send your ETC coins to one of Saint Hodl's contracts. There is no additional fee for your forgiveness, aside from the fee of the transaction. Set yourself free.

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The only thing that can free your coins is time. Every time you add to a locker the clock resets and you must wait for more blocks. When your time has come, simply send a transaction to Saint Hodl with the data of 0x3ccfd60b

Sacred Contracts of Hodl

Send coins to any of the contracts below and a Saint Hodl will protect your them. Only ETC, No Tokens. Ensure you set the gas to When your weakness has passed, send the hoyl data (0x3ccfd60b) to have your coins returned.


5 Blocks


20 Blocks


200 Blocks